Tuesday, 17 April 2012


As you may know, we (Marco & Elisa) are a couple and we are going to get married in a few days (Actually the 20th of April). This means we are going leave the WhoVerse for a few weeks to enjoy our Honeymoon!

Actually we are going to be silent until the 14th of May, so, if you try to contact us, don't expect an answer before that day.

This also means that you have to wait for a full month to read the strips from the Contest winner Simon Burnell and the Facebook Award winner Joanna Vederman. [...]

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Doctor Who Convention

CARDIFF - If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you have already seen a lot of pictures and message from our latest adventure. We were invited to attend to the official Doctor Who Convention and this is going to be the report of that amazing week-end.
As you may know, I'm a storyteller; I'm used to write novels and the Comic Who scripts, so I'm not exactly a journalist and what I'm going to do with this article is to write a story, a story about two guys who falled into the Doctor Who universe and survived to tell what they saw.
I know, you may feel unconfortable with this kind of report, but I'm sure you have been already able to find other reviews that may suit with your interests in the past days. [...]

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

2012 Script Contest - Results

Ok, you are waiting for this moment and I'm not going to let you wait anymore, but I want to spend afew words before posting the Top 10!

This year we had a lot of participants and we loved all your entries (maybe too many fezes or hats in general, but we are talking about Smithy, so we had to expect it). There were a lot of good scripts, but we can only reward the best (mainly because we have only a figurine, well, except for the one we gifted to Matt Smith, obviously). [...]

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

A New Home!

This is the moment we were waiting the most. In the last month I worked hardly to develop a new website for our adventures! We are now proud to announce we are ready to share this website with you all!

From now on, we move our base to the new website, you can find us at: http://www.comicwho.com!

New posts and strips will be availlable there, we also have a new Feed RSS:

Anyway, if you (like us) love this blog, don't worry, because it's not going to die. I've already developed a little script which will automatically send a preview of every news from the new website to this blog, so it will be always updated and you will be able to get used to the new website!

I really hope you like our job and you will appreciate the new Comic Who site. If you have suggestions or opinion you want to share with us, you will be able to send us messages from the "Contact Us" page.

We also want to take this opportunity to introduce our support to The Neighbor-Whos! The new series of fan videos produced and directed by Lady Soliloque... It's so funny that you MUST follow it!

See you space Whovian!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Contest is over!

The contest is over and no more scripts will be accepted.
We have received more than 80 scripts and accepted 68, the following is the list of the participants in alphabetical order:

Appelhans, Silke (Germany)
Armijo, Amanda (United States of America)
Arora, Priyanka (United States of America)
Bahat, Galia (Israel)
Balabascarane, Abirami (France)
Baptista, Lais (Brazil)
Bateman, Annelyn (United States of America)
Bell, Christine (United States of America)
Blau, Andrea (United States of America)
Blodnieks, Karina Blodnieks (United States of America)
Bondy, Rachel (United States of America)
Bouw, Manuel (Australia)
Brock, Lauren (United Kingdom)
Burnell, Simon (United Kingdom)
Chiam, Charles (Australia)
Cobb, Evie (United Kingdom)
Cooper, Joanna (United Kingdom)
Crespo, Carla (Spain)
Cunningham, Kristy (United States of America)
Duarte, Paloma (Brazil)
Evans, Marielle (United Kingdom)
Ferguson, Cara (Australia)
Gardella, Giordana (Italy)
Gerrity, Louis (United Kingdom)
Giardina, Riccardo (Italy)
Golden, Sascha (United States of America)
Gosai, Rupali (United Kingdom)
Hamilton, Casi (United States of America)
Harding, Brianna (United States of America)
Hewitt, Lisa (United Kingdom)
Hicks, Katie (United States of America)
Howe, Sky (United States of America)
Karmann, Angela (Germany)
King, Katherine (United States of America)
Koch, Kelsey (United States of America)
Mattossovich, Gianluca (Italy)
Micheal, Lynsey (United States of America)
Miklos, Molly (United States of America)
Miss, Riley (United States of America)
Mizuyuki, Atakiri (Armenia)
Moeller, Erica (United States of America)
Nordine, Beverly (United States of America)
Overfelt, Emily (United States of America)
Owen, Jessica (United Kingdom)
Penris, Yvonne (Germany)
Perez-crooks, Aileen (United States of America)
Redgrave, Sharon (United States of America)
Reilly, Brooke (Australia)
Riedel, Carol (United States of America)
Rivera, Rachel (United States of America)
Rodgers, Jonathan (United Kingdom)
Rogers, Elizabeth (United States of America)
Rubman, Aaron (United States of America)
Russell, Amy (United Kingdom)
Saliola, Dina Ester (Italy)
Santos, Enjolee (United States of America)
Scott II, Redginald (United States of America)
Skiles, Kim (United States of America)
Spencer, Dominic (United Kingdom)
Spielbauer, Elizabeth (United States of America)
Stokes, Catherine (United States of America)
Sulivan, Molly (United States of America)
Sullivan, Riley (United States of America)
Taylor, Shannon (Australia)
Trotter, Aidan (United States of America)
Vederman, Joanna (United States of America)
Vinnicombe, Faith (United States of America)
Wright, Jacob (United States of America)

Good luck to all of you!!