Monday, 28 May 2012

Script Contest 2012 - Awards

This year contest was amazing, we had so many entries and a lot of good scripts. It was hard to pick up a winner for our jury and I will not thank them enough for their hard work.

The jury was composed by the followings:
- Elisa Moriconi (Comic Who Illustrator)
- Chiara Cavalli (The artist who realized the main award)
- Francesco Spreafico ( webmaster)
- Lady Soliloque (Writer and Video Editor)
- Craig Hurle (Doctor Who and The Tardis Administrator)
- Luke Williams (The Doctor Who Site webmaster)
- Michael David Key (Artist)

Three months are passed from the beginning of the contest and a lot of things happened, and now it's time to celebrate the winners properly showing their awards. [...]


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Monday, 21 May 2012


Finally, we are back! We missed our strips so much during this period, what about you?

Well, you know, a honeymoon is a honeymoon and our tiny Doctors had to face a great challenge during our absence, but you will see this in a couple of future strips. Now it's time to properly celebrate the Comic Who Contest winner.

Simon Burnell recently received our precious gift and now it's time to read his strip!
Let us know what do you think! [...]

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