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Use our email address to send us private messages or ask for commissions. We read every email and we always answer. Also, if you want to submit us a script, just send it, if it's good it could become a real Comic Who strip.

Follow us on Facebook to be updated with our latest news, pictures and activities. We also love to involve our followers in the creation process of our comic. It's the easiest way to contuc us or to share your ideas with other followers.

Tumblr Blog
We usually use this blog to share images or strips with the Tumblr community and sometimes we also share some unreleased stuff like 'Making of' or live pictures. We also love to reblog fan tributes to our comic (We love fanart :D).

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Our Twitter account is a sort of hub of all our feeds so you can easily use it to follow our updates and all our news. Mention us on your tweet if you want us to retweet them or simply answer to your questions.

Elisa's Account
Marco's Account
We use our deviantArt accounts to share with the community our way to make Art. If you want to see Elisa's illustrations or Marco's photos, just follow us.