Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Music is Great

Ok, maybe this was the longest period of silence on this website and we really apologize for that. Lately it wasn't easy to find some free time to dedicate to Comic Who, but we have a couple of news: first of all we have a new strip, but I'll introduce it later, and then, maybe you've already noticed it, but we have a brand new website. It's lighter and faster and maybe will help us to not reach our monthly bandwidth limit in a couple of days (well, this month we've already reached it with the old site, so I fear you will still experience slowdowns on the page loading).

Comic Who is really appreciated and loved and we've a lot of new fans (quite 12,000 on our Facebook page). This makes us really happy but with the amount of traffic we generate on a daily basis (on the 15th of this month we've "used" the 3000% of our monthly bandwidth with more than 5,000 visits per day), our server is uncapable of handle it and we need to upgrade to a better one. If you have a few minutes and you enjoy our comic, please think about clicking on our ads to help us in this moment so we'll be able to provide you a better experience. Thank you very much!

Now, it's time to talk about the strip. This was originally written last year before series 7 even started. We just tried to imagin how could be a normal [boring] day for an evil Time Lord and his fellows in the 70s... When I wrote the dialogue between Ianto and Simmy about the Cold War, I couldn't think that the Doctor and a Martian spaceship would make a visit to the North Pole during that very same period. Of course Simmy wasn't aware of that, but it's funny to read it now in light of the latest Doctor Who episode.
We really hope you like it! [...]

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Published on Tue, 16 Apr 2013 10:00:00