Monday, 18 April 2011

Being The Tenth

The contest is over right now! Good luck to all the fans who joined the competition and congratulation, there are great writers out there and my heart(s) weep because we cannot realize all that wonderful strip.
Don't forget, results will be published on this blog (and on our Facebook page) on May, 1st!

Now, the question of the hour is: What happens today? What make this day so special? Ok ok! You all know what I'm talking about! Today is the 40th birthday of David Tennant, one of the best Doctor we ever had and we want to celebrate this special day with a very very special strip!


We realized a sort of Mastercard ad, so just a word on the prices... about the screwdriver, I used the price I paid for it at Forbidden Planet (:D) for the suit I just guessed a price and for the shoes I found it on an online store... Anyway, no more talking, enjoy the strip :-)

PS: Just to tease a bit... Something is coming (and it's not Gallifrey)


  1. Awww fivey looks so cute! And I can almost see Two!

  2. Happy Birthday David Tennant! And congrat's about your baby daughter.

  3. The sweetest thing! Amazing!
    This is so cute, and great! Happy Birthday to Tennant and thanks again for another great strip! (Smithy seems a chinese doll! There are also 5 and 8!!! <3)

  4. In the last panel, we put all the eleven doctor :D

  5. Yes, but they cannot be seen... I lost my sight for nothing ç___ç ?

  6. sweetheart, I can see them and don't forget that now we print this strip and send directly to him XD

  7. That's very sweet ))) But... Isn't it Converse All Star shoes instead of just Converse shoes?

  8. Uh...
    Harty (William Hartnell - 1st)
    Twoey (Patrick Troughton - 2nd)
    Johnny (John Pertwee - 3rd)
    Bakey or Tommy (Tom Baker - 4th)
    Petey or Fivey (Peter Davidson - 5th)
    Bakey or Sixey (Colin Baker - 6th)
    Sylvestey or Seveny (Sylvester McCoy - 7th)
    Paulie or Eighty (Paul McGann - 8th)

    And the rest are, of course, already named Eccly, Tenny and Smithy. I'm sure there's a spelling mistake somewhere...
    (I'm Ponybelle on DeviantART!)
    It's ironic because I own a series 5 screwdriver... it doesn't light up or make noise because I wore out the batteries. I think it was about £14 when I got it.

  9. @Anonymous, yes, but there wasn't enough space, anyway, All Star is only the model and we put the All Star logo on the back of the shoes

    @Ponella I paid 16.99 £ with light and sounds, I still have the receipt :)

  10. Ponella,

    It would be Harty, Trouty, Perty, T. Baky, Davy, C. Baky, McCoy, McGanny, Eccy, Tenny, and Smithy. Remember that the names are based on the last names of the actors involved. Only the seventh actor had a y at the end of his name, so his name is never changed. The eighth actor is not able to have his name abbreviated, so we just add a y to his last name.

  11. E' simpaticissima e sono perfettamente d'accordo! Complimenti! ^_-

  12. Faith Marie Vinnicombe18 April 2011 at 21:04

    WAY too cute!!! I LOVE it! <3

  13. lol, I love the bandage on the sonic screwdriver from Eccly and Tenny's previous fight!!! XD

  14. @Marco C.
    I think I get it now. Thanks.

  15. I love this page, and the artwork is fab

  16. He is indeed one of the best doctor's of all time! And Matt aswell ^_^

  17. David Tennant and I share a birthday! My Doctor Who once said "Today is some one very special's birthday..." Me (happy that she remembered) : "Who?" Her: "DAVID TENNANT!" Me: ">:("

  18. A sonic screwdriver is only 16.00? I can afford that! Where do I get them??

    1. I get it at the London Forbidden Planet, but eBay is your friend :D


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