Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sweet Dreams

It's a lot of time from the last strip with Simmy, now he lives with baby Yana, but he's still missing something and sometimes, when it's late at night, that something comes to his dreams making him happy... but then he has to wake up.... suddenly... you know, daddy's duty!


  1. Simmy looks so cute & happy in this one. Too bad Yana woke him up.

  2. This is funny!! I love your site!!

  3. lol the mini Tardis in the backround

  4. ='), poor Simmy!!!! he missing Limeykins....
    and if it is gone, it's just the fault of Yana!
    And Limeykins? What does he think about?
    Also he lacks Simmy?
    I hope that you tell me about it
    Nadia =)

  5. Oh Limeykins! Please visit Simmy! Hes a mess without you dear. Ok the Doctors need to babysit or Simmy will go

  6. Awww, Simmy misses Limeykins. I think that Simmy needs a hug.

    Also I love your site :)

  7. i am making a rattle rock (a hollow clay object that you shake and it makes a noise) and im making limeykins head! i'll send a pic in afew weeks!

    1. Waaaaaaa I can't wait to see it!!!!!! XDDDDD <3


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