Sunday, 16 October 2011

Ronin Revolver

Hi guys,
we received and gladly share the press release of a new comic project. They need your help, so take a look:

"Ronin Revolver: Samurai Western at its Best!

The RONIN REVOLVER ANTHOLOGY showcases stories set in an Old West touched by Asian influences.  As this world progresses through to modern times, out-dated traditions drift off with the wind, replaced with modern counterparts.  Funds are currently being raised at, an all-or-nothing funding site where certain pledge amounts receive special incentives; some incentives include printed copies of the anthology, art prints, and real-life people as characters in the stories.

Set for an early 2012 release, this online anthology will be offered for free, a new short story every two weeks.  But the creator needs your help.  Funds received go toward compensating the illustrator for all his hard work.

S.A. Williams received a B.A. in Literature from Florida State University.  He fell in love with the writing of Chris Claremont's Uncanny X-Men, as well as other contemporary writers who use themes lifted from society and other literary genres.  He's also an avid reader of the Naruto manga, which helped inspire some themes for the anthology's stories.
For updates on this project, visit  For pledges to making this creator's dream happen, go to and type "Ronin Revolver" in the search engine.  Funding on ends on November 22nd."

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