Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Timey Wimey

It's time for a new strip, a very timey wimey strip... I absolutly wanted to do a strip with Rory The Roman as main character and every time I think about Stonehenge I go "non-sense" (you know what I'm talking about...).
Anyway, by popular request we decided to introduce the 4th Doctor (Baky?) in this story and we really hope you like it... check it out!


  1. with two Bakers, what do we call him? Bakyone? The blond one wouldn't like that at all. I say we call this guy BakyOne, and the other guy BakyA!

    Also: is there, perhaps, a chance we're going to see more of the classic Doctors?

  2. Well, I think I'm going to name them Baky and Baky Jr.

    As I've already said, Comic Who is about the new series, so the main characters will remain Eccly, Tenny and Smithy, but I promise you the "old" Doctors will make some appearence sometimes (like this one :D)

  3. Why not call the 4th Doctor "Tommy"? Then you can use "Baky" for the 6th if he comes along :-)

  4. when my dad used the 6th doc in his roleplay campaign he called him colin bake if that helps at all

  5. well Tom Baker is my fav of all time. i love the strip.

  6. Love the strip. I just go with TBaky and CBaky, naturally.

  7. Great! I love Baky is sounds so cute! However, I read it as "back-ee" so maybe spelt like Bakey?

  8. Or Taky and Caky

  9. hmm.....would the original Doctor be the dad to all these guys? (I could see that...i don't think i could ever see that really old guy as a little one)

  10. The what "We should call the Barker Doctors" should be a comic strip.

    My Suggestion for the naming is "Baky" and "Bakery" or "Baky T" "Baky C" or as the 4th Doctor might suggest " 'Baky the awesome Jellybabie giver' and 'the other name stealing one that burn peoples retinas'

    More Classic Doctors please! oh please please please Prety! I want to see Prety! Oh god please!are you going to Black and and white Harty and Paty"

    Harty , Paty, Perty, (???) , Davidy, (???raindbow??), Coy-y (?)Gany(?)

    What about the 'scream of Shlaka' Doctor?:(

  11. or maybe Troughty Baky Davy Bakey Ganny, and the others as lunathelunatic said..though it would be hilarious a cat fight between the Bakers about who's the best "baker" ;)

  12. Okay here is what they what they would be called!

    1 - Harty
    2 - Throughty
    3 - Pertwy
    4 - Baky
    5 - Davy
    6 - Bakee
    7 - McCy
    8 - McGany
    9 - Eccly
    10 - Tenny
    11 - Smithy


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