Saturday, 11 February 2012

Contest Prizes

The followings are the sketches Elisa made as rewards for our Christmas contest (the subject for the skecthes were chosen by the winners)! We waited for a while before post them here because we wanted to be sure the winners received the originals, but now it's time to share! Hope you like them!



  1. d'awww.. Tenny loves his Rose, even when he leaves the genocide responsible Tenny 2 with her. There is now major incentive to enter contests! (Picking up a sonic pen) Foster, as in Foster mother *Super Space Nanny*

  2. sladkieteplyenochi12 February 2012 at 04:58

    They're all so absolutely adorable! <3
    I still love mine so much; you guys are the best! ;3

  3. The one with Tenny and the Rose doll is just too cute! I just want to hug them all :)

  4. AWwwww! Tenny and Rosedoll!

  5. Wonderful!
    I really love your watercolours!


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