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Script Contest 2012

@ComicWho #Contest 

This contest is designed to engage Comic Who readers and make them part of the creative process behind the realization of the strip. Participants will be asked to write the script of a strip that will be brought to the attention of an international jury. The best one will be turned into a real strip and published on the Comic Who blog page.

The Subject
Each year we will propose a different subject on which the participants must rely to carry out their script. The subject this year is Smithy!
Every script must use our Eleventh Doctor as the main character; you can also include Tenny, Eccly and any other Comic Who character you want, but Smithy must be the protagonist. You can create parodies of events which occurred in the TV series Doctor Who, but original stories will be much appreciated.

The Jury
The jury will be composed by the following people: 
- Elisa Moriconi (Comic Who Illustrator) 
- Chiara Cavalli (The artist who realized the main price) 
- Francesco Spreafico ( webmaster) 
- Lady Soliloque (Writer and Video Editor)
- Luke Williams (The Doctor Who Site webmaster) 
- Michael David Key (Artist)
- Craig Hurle (Doctor Who and the Tardis by Craig Hurle administrator)

Contest Rules
- The contest will begin at 0:00 AM (GMT) on March 1, 2012 and will end at 11:59 PM (GMT) on March 31, 2012.
- Scripts must be uploaded through the automatic submit page at this link.
- All scripts sent outside of the validity period of the contest will be ignored.
- All scripts must be written in proper English (no slang will be accepted).
- It will be accepted only one script per person.
- The Comic Who staff will answer with an email by communicating the acceptance of the script or the reasons for which have been refused.
- Winners will be announced on April 8, 2012.
The jury's decision is final!

Script Rules
- No obscenity and/or vulgarity and/or violence will be accepted.
- Every script must be divided into 4 (four) vignettes.
- You have to describe all the backgroungs as you are describing a picture.
- You have to describe exactly the laying and the facial expression of each character in the vignette.
- No more than 4 (four) characters are allowed into a single vignette.
- No more then 3 (three) balloons are allowed into a single vignette.
- No more then 30 (thirty) words are allowed into a single vignette (this includes onomatopoeia). Example: if you have two ballons into a vignette, you can write 15 words in the first one, 14 in the secont and use 1 onomatopoeia.

Tips & Tricks
- Strips are like puns, should make people laugh by saying a few things, basing mainly on the expressions and comic absurdities.
- Don't waste time creating complex stories, usually a simple situation is much more fun. Sometimes you do not even need words to make people laugh (think of the Valentine's Day spcial).
- Too many characters and dialogues are often synonymous with confusion and risk of boring the reader. Try to be as concise as possible.
- Remember that vignettes provide a limited space, so do not overdo the details, otherwise you may not have enough space available for carrying out the scene.
- Read this Facebook Note to understand how to create a script.
- If you have doubts or concerns, please send an email to The Comic Who staff will answer soon as possible.

Contest Winner Award & Prizes
- The winning story will be drawn by Elisa Moriconi (the Comic Who Illustrator) and published on our comic blog (with all the credits to the original author). 
- The winner will receive a figurine of Smithy made in Polymer Clay (The one you can see on the flyer).
- The second place will win a Commission of a digital color illustration of a single character on white backgroung realized by Elisa Moriconi.
- The third place will win a Commission of a pencil sketch of a single character on simple backgroung realized by Elisa Moriconi.

The Fan Choice Award
After the contest scripts of stories that are classified by the # 2 to # 10 will also be published as Notes on the Comic Who Facebook Fanpage. The public will choose the best by putting the "like" on the favorite script.
- The vote will take place from April 8, 2012 to April 14, 2012.
- The winning story will be drawn by Elisa Moriconi (the Comic Who Illustrator) and published on our comic blog.
- The author will win a Commission of a digital color illustration of a single character on white backgroung realized by Elisa Moriconi.

Detailed picture of the figurine you can win!

Good Luck & Have Fun
Comic Who Staff


  1. I'd better get my thinking cap on...Aka...Fez.

  2. Eeee, I've never written a script / vignette thingy before ... but the prize is so tempting .....

    1. I know! Same here...

    2. Yeah! So want it...

  3. Darn I have a Graphic Story I had been Brewing Using My computer Art skills!

  4. WOOT! sounds like fun! i cant wait till you see mine XD

  5. i dont hav an email what can i do

    1. You can create on (eg: GMail).
      We need it to communicate with you, telling you if your script is accepted or to send you the commissions in case you classify second or third!

  6. does limeykins ever talk?

  7. Wow! It's so cute! =) How big is it?
    Nadia =)

    1. It's a little smaller than a packet of cigarettes :-)

  8. Can we submit links to a drawn sketch in the comments section of the upload?

    1. Actually the jury will not read the content of the field

  9. Who makes the figurines? Can we buy them?

    1. A friend of us made them, but she doesn'tmake them for sale, you can only try to win it ;-)

  10. Why do you call it a script contest when it's a comic with vignettes???

    1. Maybe because you have to submit a script for a strip in order to join the competition? ;-)


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