Friday, 4 March 2011

Comic Who Contest

New day, new idea!
I fill like a volcano (not like Vesuvius in 79AD I hope :D)
Today's idea is about a contest! Not the biggest idea of the world but I think it will be very funny. For me, for you, for everyone (well, maybe except Elisa who will have to do some extra drawings :D)

To be more specific
The contest will be very simple: you have to do my job, write a story for our web-comic.
We will give you a subject (a very generic subject) and you'll have to rack your brains and create a new and original story divided in four vignettes (like the one you can find on our blog) 
I'm going to write the rules of the contest but first I have to summon a jury (well, we have already found a member... hello Lady Soliloque). Requests are already sent, we hope for a quick response.
We will update you on how to join the contest and when it is going to start. I hope to start it by the mid of March, so stay tuned. 

But why you have to partecipate to the contest? Only for the glory? I don't think so!! :D 
It's time to talk about the prizes ^_^
First of all you have to remember that this is our first contest, so we absolutely don't know how many people would like to take up the challenge, so we decided to give a big prize to the winner and some little prizes for the top three.
If there is a good public response, for the next competition we will try to provide more awards.
  • The winning story will be drawn by Elisa Moriconi (the Illustrator of Comic Who) and published on our comic blog (with all the credits to the original author)
  • The winner will also receive a PVC (Forex) print of a Pin-Up created specially for the occasion (A3 size) and also a PVC (Forex) print of the winning strip (20mm x 20mm) 
  • The top three stories will be rewarded with a PVC (Forex) print of your favorite strip from our web comic (20mm x 20mm). Be original, don't choose only the Valentine's Day special XD

If everything goes right, I hope to end the contest by the mid of April and appoint the winner by the beginning of May. 

Spread the word 
Just to keep you busy, try to spread the word as much as possible (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,deviantArt, and so on and so forth). Share this note on your page and invite your friends.

Stay tuned for more updates! ;-)


UPDATE: Another juror has accepted her role... say hello to Gabreilla Cordone (webmaster of Doctor Who Italia)
UPDATE 2: Also Luke Williams joined our jury, he is the man behind The Doctor Who Site.
UPDATE 3: With Francesco Spreafico ( the jury is complete. Now we have 5 jurors and we can start our contest. Warm your brains and start thinking on your own strips ;-)
UPDATE 4: The contest is online at this link!


  1. Sounds awesome!!!! 8D I'd love to enter!!

  2. @atakari
    As far as I know, you're our greatest fan... There's no contest without you ^_^

  3. I, too, would like to participate!

  4. The contest is going to start in a few days... stay tuned :D

  5. I would like to participate, I hope I'll come up with some ideas, 'cause I have none right now, but I want to participate...
    P.S. I'm from DeaviantART

  6. Can't wait! Don't start while I'm in London please!!! I'm going to the Doctor Who Experience, but I don't want to miss this :'(

  7. Don't worry! The contest will last more than a month, you'll have plenty of time to go to London, go back and write your own script: D

  8. Great! I've got already three stories, I can't wait!


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