Monday, 28 March 2011

Too Much Young - Part 3

Comic Who - Contest 2011

We are entering the third week of our contest!
We hope to get a lot of partecipants with great stories!

We will transorm the winning script into a real strip so, if you want to be part of our web comic, don't wast your time and join the competition! Read the contest rules and send us your stories. The contest will run until the April, 17th so show us your best and good luck!

It's time to read the end of this story! What are the Doctors doing to get rid of the young Yana? Will it be the beginning of a new friendship? Check it out!


  1. Hey, first comment :D
    Can I just say... LOL?!
    I hope Simmy knows how to change a diper! Best bit: even the teddy bear ran away!

  2. Hello ! I'm a French fan of Doctor Who and I just want to say that I love your comics, there are really funny ! Congrulation for this very very good work !

  3. Aww...the green teddy bear is so adorable
    This is great, yay

  4. aw! simmy is so cute in this one. even the teddy ran away :)

  5. but isn't that a paradox??
    haha these guys are sooo adorable :)

  6. These comics are seriously the most amusing things on earth : D love them all


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