Monday, 2 May 2011

Carnival Party

Did you loose the greatest carnival party ever? Well, maybe a TARDIS would fix this, but before leave you to the strip, I've something to share with you!

As you may know, yesterday we published the results of our contest! The winner is Jonathan Hodges with his script titled "The 12th Doctor". Next week we will see this script transformed in a real strip, but now we have something else to do: The Fan Choice Award

It's your turn to choose your favorite script between the first 10 classified. You can do it going to our Facebook Page (and only on our page) and putting a Like to the script which you prefer. The voting will take place until May, 13 at 11:59 PM UK time and the most liked one will be drawed and published on May, 16. Here is the list of the available scripts:

02 - Hello (Stephanie Millar)
03 - Looking For Answers (Faith Marie Vinnicombe)
04 - Jack looks for Lurv (Holley Drye)
05 - Welcome Back, Jack (Rebecca Hill)
06 - Pears? (Stephanie Osczepinski)
07 - Good Advice (James P. Henderson)
08 - Tenny's House (Julie Damm)
09 - Jack and the power of Ianto's Coffee (Gabriella Serratrice)
10 - Jack And The TARDIS (Jonathan Ross Lusby)

Good voting to you all!!! ^_^

A Little News
Ok, now the contest is over, but there is a lot of stuff we want to share with you! There is no rest for the Comic Who Staff and we are going to introduce a new series of strip this month: it is my pleasure to announce you the beginning of the Comic Who Confidentials! Every last Monday of the month we will release a special strip with interviews to the characters, outtakes, errors, pranks, auditions and much more...
There's another surprise for you this month... Something is coming... on May, 15!

And now... the strip!!!!


  1. Tenny is so cute in 5th suite ^^

  2. The Master is so meaaaaaaaaaaaaan. always.

  3. ...Is Smithy picking his nose in the third panel? It's just what it looks like. And I want to hug limeykins :D And baby Yana is sticking his tongue out at us, isn't he? I'm noticing allot of things recently.


  5. XD Oh that's just awesome. Is Nine dressed up like Eight?

  6. "torchwood is over"! hahaha!!! wonderful!
    Nadia =)

    1. the most HORRORABLE thing happened torchwood ENDED!!! ;.;

  7. i just love the short story. specially the latest comics. :)

  8. The Doctors' costumes are just too perfect... all versions they presumably liked of themselves! (Nine - sorry, Eccly- gets to be the happier Eighth, Tenny gets to be the Fifth whom he idolizes if that one Red Nose Day special is any indication, and Smithy is the Fourth, who they've referenced a few times in the Eleventh Doctor run, including the "Jelly Baby" thing).

    Also dig that Simmy appears to be dressed as the Sixth Doctor, whom everybody seems to consider the meanest version of the Doctor... too funny!

  9. no he is getting out a 'green jelly baby'


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