Sunday, 15 May 2011

Something has come!

Hi all!
Long time from the last post, but my lovely girlfriend was sick and needed some rest!
Actually the Fan Choice Award is over and the winner is Faith Marie Vinnicombe with her Looking For Answers! Congratulation to you Faith, the Comic Who Fans choosed you ^_^

Because of the delay, the new strips have to be re-scheduled. Tomorrow we will see the contest winning strip: The 12th Doctor by Jonathan Hodges. We just sent him the strip as a preview and it seems he liked it. On May, 23 we will see the Faith's one and we really hope you will enjoy both of them.
Prizes are on their way and the winners are going to receive them within a week (business week... whatever it meens)

Now, why write this post if there is no new strip around? The answer is simple, because something was coming and now has finally come! You asked for it and we heard you!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are really proud to introduce you our brand new Gadget Shop! It's called... Comic Who... you would never expect it, would you? Anyway it's hosted by CafePress and we are planning to release new gadgets quite frequently! You can find there t-shirts, mugs and a lot of other cool stuff... stuff is cool!
You can reach it by clicking the below image or by following the new widget on the rigth bar of this site! We hope you like it and if you want something new, just suggest us and we will try to satisfy you!

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