Sunday, 1 May 2011

Contest Results!

Ok, here we are!
The contest is over and now we have a winner!!! I know that you have already skip to the end of post to view the top ten, but I have some words for you all and I hope you will read them.

Special Thanks
When I had the idea to put up a contest it was just... an idea... If we are at this point is because a lot of people joined us, helped us and supported us. I want to personally thank all of them! First of all, the judges! They were external to Comic Who stuff, but they dedicated to us a lot of their time, spreading the word, answering questions and reading all of your scripts. They absolutely made this contest possible. Thank you Lady Soliloque, thank you Gabriella Cordone, thank you Luke Williams, thank you Francesco Spreafico and, least but not last, thank you Craig Hurle. Then I want to thank Elisa Moriconi, I know, she is part of the Comic Who staff, but she worked so hard for this making banners, working on the prizes and she will now try her best realizing the strip from the winning script.
There is no contest without participants, and it was amazing how many people joined the competition! Great scripts, great stories! We had 21 entries, more then we can even imagine, so thanks to all of you and I really hope you enjoyed the game!

In the next few days we will contact the top 3 to request the shipping address for the prizes and we have a little surprise for you, hope you like it! All the prizes will be sent on May, 16 and hopefully you will receive it before the end of May.

Fan Choice Award (aka Facebook Award)
Tomorrow, after the new weekly strip, we will publish on Facebook all the scripts from the #2 to the #10 position as Notes. All the Facebook fan can choose their favoirite by clicking on the Like button. Voting will end on May, 13 at 11:59 UK time. The most voted will be drawn and published on May, 16.

And now... The TOP 10!

01 - The 12th Doctor (Jonathan Hodges)
02 - Hello (Stephanie Millar)
03 - Looking For Answers (Faith Marie Vinnicombe)
04 - Jack looks for Lurv (Holley Drye)
05 - Welcome Back, Jack (Rebecca Hill)
06 - Pears? (Stephanie Osczepinski)
07 - Good Advice (James P. Henderson)
08 - Tenny's House (Julie Damm)
09 - Jack and the power of Ianto's Coffee (Gabriella Serratrice)
10 - Jack And The TARDIS (Jonathan Ross Lusby)

Congratulations to all of you!!!

A Little News
Ok, now the contest is over, but there is a lot of stuff we want to share with you! There is no rest for the Comic Who Staff and we are going to introduce a new series of strip this month: it is my pleasure to announce you the beginning of the Comic Who Confidentials! Every last Monday of the month we will release a special strip with interviews to the characters, outtakes, errors, pranks, auditions and much more...
There's another surprise for you this month... Something is coming... on May, 15!

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