Monday, 13 June 2011

The Adipose Revenge - Part 1

Last week we saw how difficult is the new life of our Doctors, a very stressy wimey life... but how can they relax when they come home tired?
How can they manage to find calm and serenity to face a new and busy day at the Doctor Who Experience?

Well, they found their way, they rent a room to some little and very soft friends... but you know, every action leads to a reaction and when it comes to the Doctor, this only can mean troubles!! Check it out!

This strip is freely inspired by my lovely Adipose Anti-stress toy!


  1. Lol...only you guys could make something that already looked so very cute look even cuter!

  2. Panel 3 is what my BIL was doing to my crocheted adipose yesterday. I love this comic because it's so true!!!

  3. 8DDDDDDDD <3 <3 <3 <3 I've always wanted an Adipose Stress toy!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. The way you draw the Doctors is just too cute, I squee every time I come here. Keep up the good work.

    Blessed be.

  5. Smithy is so cute!!!!!!!
    Those adiposes remember me of Craig, my very own Adipose stress toy bought at the Forbidden Planet in London (just like yours!).
    This is great, I love this strip! <3

  6. hahahaha! that's wonderful! Poor adipose, but....I would like one too!

    Nadia =)

  7. what is going on with smithy's adipose?!?

    1. didnt u notice the adipose have thu same personality as the person hugging them (i wonder would elisa's love to draw :D)

  8. did u kno 'adipose' has two definishions 1.the medical term for fat and 2.cute aliens made from fat found in 'doctor who' and 'comic who' ps i know all this and im in 6th grade

  9. I love this comic. It's so cute! It makes me wanna cuddle them all!! <3 <3 Overall, I like your art style. It's like a nice mix of chibi and American cartoons. The result is pure adorableness. I can't get over how wonderful the picture of Eccly and Tenny asleep as Smithy deals with a Silence is. I just wanna snuggle them ALL! You guys could probably make a good bit of money if you were to sell plushies of Eccly, Tenny, and Smithy... if you could technically do that... copyrights and such...


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