Monday, 27 June 2011

Comic Who Confidentials: Eccly's Interview

It's time to meet one of our little doctors for a little interview :D
If you want to know better our little Eccly, just check our new Comic Who Confidential!

This is a sort of experiment, if it will have a good response, we will see more interviews in the future ^_^


  1. "Eat bananas. Bananas are good!!" I think I know what his favorite fruit is! But it sounds to me like he's trying to hypontize you into eating them. Love it! Keep on being wonderful, Comic Who!

  2. This is awesome! I would love to see more interview strips.

  3. "They are like me in a way I cannot explain!" Pffft, oh sweet, naive little Eccly.

    As for the "kissing your girlfriend with all of the time vortex", that's WHY you kissed her, darling!

    Super cute, I look forward to seeing more of these interviews! 8D

  4. Awesome. Can't wait for more interviews!

  5. AHH!! i love this :) can't wait for more!

  6. Awesome! For sure you must do the same with the Tenny and Smithy!

    This blog is amazing!!! You're doing a good work here! Now you have a fan from Brazil ;D


  7. XD Well that is a good advice doctor thank you XD If I am going to kiss someone I will first check if he/she has swallowed the whole time vortex!

  8. I love itt! It's amaizing!!

  9. "Eat bananas, bananas are good!"...?
    Hahahahahaha! It's amazing!!!
    Elisa & Marco, you are FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    Nadia =)

    P.S.: Marco, I read your book (not all, i'm only in Chapter 3!) and I think it's very nice .... I even commented! Bye for now!!!

  10. Yes, Eccly, I just eaten a banana now. What a coincidence!
    This strip is just amazing, all the good bits are there and I miss him so much! <3

    p.s. Marco have you ever thought of the 8th doctor? (you already know we will speak about this, right? XD)

  11. Yo, Since you Introduced Baky, maybe you can do an Interview with him sometime

  12. I love this! xD Can you create for tenny and smithy please.
    You have got yourself a new fan from Hawaii and I can't wait for more! :D

  13. I love this! I'm definetly looking forward to more in the future!

  14. ACK! this little Texan can't go into your contest (my mom wont let me), but i wanted u to do an interview for smithy and river (together of course)!

    -Victoria (the kid whose teacher won't give her limeykins rattle rock back. '^'

    1. please take my idea... id never want the prize... just bragging rights for *sniff* wearing a fez to school...



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