Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Adipose Revenge - Part 2

Poor little Adiposes, so soft and so tender, but now it's time to revenge! The Doctors will not sleep soundly anymore.

When the Adiposes appeared for the first time, Tenny discovered what happen if you fire two screwdrivers aimed one against each other... Now they know... and they are angry... Well, maybe I have to rename this strip as Angry Adiposes, and maybe realize a game for mobile platforms XD


  1. Aw! Tenny has a Rose Doll :3 those darn adipose, always plotting something

  2. if two sonics can cause a huge screech sound.. three cause nucular warfare.

  3. I have a squeezy Adiopose toy now!!! 8D <3 This comic makes me very happy.... and also very scared.....

  4. I love how Smithy is still sleeping... :P

  5. awwww, look at little Smithy, still sleeping soundly. :) That would SO be me! Also, I know what the Easter egg is, teehee!!!

  6. hahahaha! fantastic! =) i liked it!
    ...there is a Rose Doll......hihihi!
    ANd Smithy.....despait the horrible noise, he's still sleeping!
    Very cool!
    Elisa & Marco, you're GREAT!!!!!!
    Nadia =)

  7. What's the Easter egg?

    Lol I love the Rose Doll, and Smithy's sleeping with his finger in his mouth. :D

    And which Doctor is making which noise?

    I love it!

  8. tenny have the rose doll!! *squee*

  9. Lol, they have an adorably evil side too! Just like Simmy.

  10. OMG! i know what my short story of what i like will be about! *shrieks of joy* going 2 do this story from adipose point of view! 'it was midnight when i got thu feeling someone was watching us ...


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