Friday, 16 December 2011

Time Travel

Before the new strip I have a little remind for you, so be patient and don't look at me with that Cyberman expression:

Comic Who - Christmas Contest 2011

Don't forget our contest, actually we received 13 entries, but we want more! Only one week remaining, so don't wast time and send us a mail at with your christmas work.

Remember, the Christmas contest will last on Decmber 23th at 11:59 PM (UTC) and results will be published on this blog on Christmas day!

We live in a timey wimey world, when I first wrote the script for the today strip, Elisa felt in love with the idea of mixing Doctor Who and Life on Mars because of Simmy... when I came back from work she showed me the sketch for this pinup. But while we have a long running schedule for the strips, we just publish pinup whenever they come out from Elisa's mind, so the today story is the "first part" of that story. This is also the first of a four part story which will end with the Christmas Special, so get ready, because we're going to release a lot of strip from today to the Christmas Day!


  1. Life on Mars! Yeaaaaaaaah!!!!

  2. Very cute.:3 I love how happy Yana looks in the second panel. ^^

    Regarding the contest, does it end 11:59 UTC on the 23rd or the 22nd? Both on this post and the most recent, it's listed as the 23rd, but it says the 22nd in the rules.
    I'd just like to confirm the actual end date and time so that I don't stay up all night finishing mine, or go to sleep thinking I have time and end up not finishing it before the deadline. ;w;

  3. I'm rolling on the floor laughing!
    I love it!
    Nadia =)

  4. John Simm is so great in Life on Mars,so both DW and Life on Mars in one comic..brilliant!


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