Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Yana Against Bakey Jr. - Part 1

Simmy is still stuck in 70s with Baby Yana, but every age has its Doctor and the '74 is the year of a brand new Doctor. We have already met Bakey while he pays a visit to Rory. But when he is at home, he lives with a younger version of himself (like Simmy do)... we're proud to introduce Bakey Jr. formerly known as the Sixth Doctor.
Try to guess what Yana was trying to build ^_^

Another little remind for you...
The contest is quite over, if you want to join, read the rules here and send your drawings to comicwho@gmail.com


  1. I'm pretty sure he was trying to rebuild Gallifrey.

  2. lol hes building the city on Gallifrey

  3. Why is there a fish bowl behind jana???

  4. @Anonymous, try to guess what Yana is building and you'll understand why there is a fish bowl ;-)

  5. Awwww Yana's building Gallifrey and he's even got the fishbowl for the glass doem! I so wanna do that! also a Gallifrey Snow globe I think would work :D

  6. They're both so adorable!!~ <3
    And The 3rd panel is way too cute. X3 Well done!

    I'm almost done with my entry~

  7. I thought it was impossible to make Colin Baker look cute...I have been proved wrong.

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDD

    And he's building Gallifrey! That is adorable, it really is XD

  8. Bakey Jr. is so cute! The Sixth Doctor and Third are my favourite. Love the sand Gallifrey!

  9. Poor defenseless Yana who probly would of enslaved the earth and may be mortalty (or immortally) insane.....yeah I can see that happening. TEE-HEE ^_^


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