Sunday, 8 January 2012

August 2011

This summer we moved to a new home, so the strips were discontinued and we published only two of them, plus a special cross over, but first things first.

Simmy want his Limeykins back. He knows he's living with the Doctors and he has a special weapon to achive his revenge

Look at Simmy's backpack, isn't it lovely? Anyway, this come from an old saying (stated in the last panel) but it works, the Doctors doesn't like apples very much (you're warned iPhone users ^_^).

We realized a strip to celebrate summer in Comic Who style, we took inspiration from one of the episodes of season 6 and we put togeher Limeykins with the Adiposes

As I told, we didn't have much time to realize a full set of strips this month, but we wanted to publish a sort of gift for our followers making a cross over with one of the greatest BBC series (besides Doctor Who, obviously)
We are talking about Life on Mars, where John Simm (Simmy) plays Sam Tyler, a police inspector sent back in time after an accident. The image is named Gene Hunt because, even if the story is based on the character of Sam Tyler, Gene Genie is unquestionably the true star!

See you space cowboy...

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