Friday, 13 January 2012

Special PinUps

From the beginning of this new year we retrace the history of our comic month by month, but we haven't shown yet all the amazing stuff we created. In this special post I want to show you all the PinUps realized during the 2011. 

Have you ever noticed tha we have different headers on the top of our website? They are loaded randomly and they are composed by a PinUp combined with a catchphrase taken from the TV series:

I'm going to die... in a dungeon... in Cardiff!
I'm definetly a mad man with a box
Things sometimes don't happen to me in the right order, especially weddings!
Do you want me to repeat the question?
One of the best catchphrases in the TV series is "Basically, Run!"; it summarize perfectly the character of the Doctor! Enemies must run away from him, but also companions have a lot of that "run thing" to deal with. We tried to portray this quote with our personal style:

We often use this image as a header for our posts or other stuff. It's basically the same but without the cathphrase and with our logo

When we introduced Limeykins, our tiny mascotte, we designed a new logo to include our lovely green teddy bear.

Apart from the logos and headers, we have made many illustrations during the last year in order to accompany our strips. The next group of PinUps is named Silent Nigths. While Eccly and Tenny are asleep, Smithy is frightened by a Silent perched on a ceiling fan, and he also stole his fez!

This is also the first appearance of the Rose Doll, a lot of people loved the fact that Tenny is holding it while sleeping. We chose to make the doll appear even into a couple of strips (this and this).

Some of the illustrations were made during a LiveStream session where Elisa has shown the making of a particular drawing. The following is a good example of how things go from the scratch.

One of the best illustration made by Elisa was dedicated to a great friend of us: Lady Soliloque.

These are her favourite characters from the Who-verse. To be more precise, we have Jack, Ianto, Tenny and Simmy.

Beside the illustrations and the strips, we promoted some events which required custum images. The followings were realized for our contests (The script contest and the Christmas contest) and for a project we're working on (The Rescue)

This is quite all for this year, but before leaving you, we want to remind you that the big day is arrived. Tomorrow is going to be our first birthday and we are working on something to make this day special. Anyway, just to help get you in the party, this is a special image dedicated to birthdays!

See you tomorrow!

PS: If you didn't notice, all the images are clickable ;-)


  1. Yeeee! Happy Birthday Comic Who! My Whoniverse would be smaller and sadder without your strips to brighten my day :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I love these strips so much. One of my favorite little bits are the Rose dolls. I think a strip with Eccly stealing the Rose doll would be adorable!


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