Monday, 2 January 2012

February 2011

February it's my month and the next strip I'm going to show you was published on my birthday. We're still joking with regenerations and this time we took in consideration the most tearful! When the 10th Doctor regenerated, a lot of people started to ask for him to come back! But it's just like a game, you have to go on and let the new player to take your role:

The idea was simple, they are kids, and what kids do when they have to leave their games? You've just read the result ^_^

The next one was our first special strip, it was Valentine's Day, so we choose to talk about love. One of the most loved companions, even by the Doctor, was Rose Tyler, but this time the idea didn't came from Doctor Who, but from "Diary of a Call Girl" where Matt Smith (formerly known as the 11th Doctor) did a cameo and had a very hot scene with Billie Piper (alias known as Rose Tyler). What if Eccly and Tenny caught Smithy with Rose?

February 16 is the Christopher Eccleston's birthday, so we wanted to celebrate that day in Comic Who style, but it wasn't Monday, so we choosed to dedicate him an illustration, a sort of PinUp as a gift for this amazing Doctor. Elisa tried a new way to color it and I must say it's very good:

This was also our first appearence on the comic. The guy on Eccly's left is me and the girl on the right is my beautiful girlfriend!

During the past months we bought the ticket of the Doctor Who Experience. It was an amazing trip and we decided to dedicate a strip to the event:

If you have been there you'll notice that the posters are directly taken from the experience (they are real pictures taken during the visit) and the texts in the first panel are taken from the original website... this particular strip was also posted on the Doctor Who Official Tumblr blog (I'm wondering why :P).
We loved the Experience and we also did a review of the event that you can find here with pictures and opinions.

It was a month full of new stuff and we also introduced a new [quite] regular character! The Doctor can't live without his greatest enemy: The Master! Actually we leave every companion with their real name (Rose, Jack, Amy, etc...) but we were planning to use more than one Master, so we choosed to call him Simmy (from John Simm,the actor who plays the role in the third series)

I think this one doesn't need any kind of explanation, so I just greet you and we'll see you tomorrow with a new month full of strips!

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  1. Simmy is my favourite character of yours - mostly because I adore The Master, but also because you also make him utterly adorable. Never stop these strips! I would be a very sad Whovian if you did *pouts and goes off to eat fish fingers and custard*


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