Tuesday, 10 January 2012

October 2011

The Rose Doll made his first appearance in a PinUp and we received tons of messages of appreciation, so we inserted it in a strip, but it wasn't enough, so we decided to diedicate it a full strip, maybe with a Tenny puppet...

Poor Tenny, he can't tell his feeling for Rose even playing with puppets... maybe it's too late to play with dolls, there are so many games to play with the other Doctors, and maybe with some other friends

I love the way the Ood and the Sontaran looks in Comic Who style, anyway we have learned that it's always a problem to go to the park the same day as the Doctors...

October is Smithy's month and we wanted to celebrate his birthday with a Fish Finger Custard cake... well, at least in an illustration, but it seems he liked it...

But celebrations do not end here because October means also Halloween. We wanted to realize a special strip for the occasion. Some people didn't get the beens reference; I invite all of them to take a closer look to the beginning of series 5 and Torchwood series 3 ;-)
The apple reference is a self quote from this strip, and it's not the only one, this strip is full of cross-reference, it's up to you to catch them all.

That's all folks, see you tomorrow!


  1. The halloween strip is just too sweet! That last panel is hysterical xD

  2. It's a well known fact that everyone in the Whoniverse hates beans!! Except Rhys...

    This made my Halloween. Thank you!

  3. can i give you guys a pic of idris in a TARDIS coustume around october

  4. i wonder since Tenny was Barty Crouch JR in harry potter 'the goblet of fire' maybe next Halloween he can hav a letter from hogwarts saying 'REJECTED...not magical enough!'


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