Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy Birthday Comic Who

Here we are, a full year is past and we have had a lot of fun making our strips! We met a lot of friends and we had a lot of loyal followers! We have a new big family here on internet and we want to celebrate our birthday with a little surprise for you all!

This is going to be the front cover (Benny Hill style ^_^) of our first annual book with the collection of our strips, confidentials and much more... but we're going to talk about this in a future post where we are going to share even the back cover with other characters from our first year (we want to include every Comic Who character, but they will be split between front cover and back cover... and trust me, the back cover is going to be very funny :D).

And now it's the moment of thanks! First of all we want to show you a video! It was made by Lady Soliloque a long time ago, but I was waiting for a very special occasion to share it on the blog. Which better occasion of our birthday?

This was one of the greatest gift a Doctor Who comic could receive and we wanted to thank her in our style with a little PinUp of her favorite characters!

From left to right: Jack, Ianto, Gene Genie, Tenny and Simmy
There's another man who gifted us all his support and friendship. A men who made Comic Who one of the most famous Doctor Who web-comic on internet! He was (and I'm sure he will be) always on our side! We really want to give big thank to Craig Hurle, and we know only one way to say "Thank you!"
A great year is finished but a new one is starting and I can assure you it will be great, so please, stay with us and follow our adventures! In the meantime, it's time to celebrate so HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMIC WHO!


  1. Congratulation!! and happy birthday <3

  2. We here at Mind Games, well, me here at Mind Games since I'm the blogger in question, Wish our Blogspot neighbors at Comic Who a very Happy First Birthday!!!!!!!! Comic Who is one of my favorite Doctor Who sites on the whole worldwide interwebnetthingy. May you be around for as long as the Doctor and thanks again for all the great laughs.

  3. On behalf of the "Mind Games" blog, we here at Mind Games, well, I mean me here at Mind Games since it's just me anyway, wish our neighbors at "Comic Who" a very happy first birthday. Comic Who is one of my favorite sites on this world wide information super road thingy and hope that you have continued success in the years to come. Thanks for a year of laughs and here's to many more!
    Chuck B.

  4. Yay Lady S! And Yay Craig! They were the ones that brought me here, and I haven't left since xD

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMIC WHO! I love that second video, so funny!

  5. Happy birthday Comic Who and long live to Doctor Who!

  6. Happy Birthday to you Comic Who! And long live to Doctor Who!

  7. Hooray! Happy birthday to Comic Who! :)

  8. Congrats, on your first year....
    Oh, o.k...

  9. Happy (belated) birthday!!!!!!!!!! I meant to comment yesterday, but my computer was being stupid and wouldn't let me. But I was thinking about you guys!!!!

  10. Happy birthday! And thank you for beautiful strips. :)

  11. COME ON LETS SING THE STUPID SONG FROM THE ANTIQUE I POD! and i have this in my ipod 4reals also i love tenny's cake


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