Saturday, 7 January 2012

July 2011

Do you ever wondered what the Doctors eat? Well, I do, and which better occasion then a dinner with friends, and the last wash the dishes!

This time, in the third panel, we introduced every single companion in all the first 5 series, and what about the  TARDIS junkyard? Well, it's not the same seen in The Doctor's Wife, but when I wrote the script the episode hasn't aired yet ^_^
A little tease for the new year... the TARDIS Junkyard is coming back, and if you follow us on Facebook maybe you know what I'm talking about!

We've seen Limeykins a lot of times with the Doctors, but what about Simmy? He loose his freind and now he lives with a baby version of himself... we think he is going to miss his good old Limey...

A heart breaking strip for a great character... A lot of followers are loving him more then Eccly, Tenny or Smithy!

It's time for a new collaboration. Michela Magnani sent me a script, a very good script, so we decided to realize it! Let's see what came out...

If you want to send us a script, don't hesitate to write to We read every submission, and if it's good maybe we'll create a strip from your idea! If I remember well, the first strip of the new year is from a follower who sent us her script.

Anyway, last strip of the month, so it's time for a new Comic Who Confidential, this time we show you a little joke made by Limeykins and Smithy during the shooting of the Valentine's Day Special.

We loved it ^_^

See you tomorrow!

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