Tuesday, 3 January 2012

March 2011

Here we are with another appointment with the Comic Who history! March was a very special month with a lot of new stuff.

We started with one of my favourite strips: At the beginning, we faced the problem of Eccly and Tenny's screwdriver. In the TV series they share the same one, only Smithy has his own. So we thought it could be funny to make them fight for it. The idea was simple but Elisa made it great:

In the second panel they break the "blu" screwdriver, this is a tiny element we carried on in the next strips. Everytime we had a close-up on that screwdriver, we drew it mended with a plaster. We loved the fact that some followers noted it... thanks guys!

One of the biggest events on March was the beginning of our first contest. We invited our fans to join the creative process that gives birth to our strips. Every participant sent us a script (like the one I use to write) and we (with the help of a great jury) choosed the best script. 

There were rewards and Elisa has realized the winning strips (yes, plural, other than the prize of the jury, we let our Facebook followers to vote for their favorite script)

The competition was held the day of John Borrowman's birthday, so we decided to dedicate it to his Doctor Who (and Torchwood) character: Jack Harkness!

We received more then twenty scripts, but we're going to talk about the results in one of the next posts, when we are going to show you also the strips realized for it.

Just one last thing, warm up your keybords and be ready, because we're going to held a new script contest in the next months and this time the first prize will be something extremely special, I'm sure you're going to fight for it!

The next set of strips was our first story divided in different parts. As we told in the last post, we decided to introduce more then one Master. The idea came from the end of series three, when the Master regenerates inside the TARDIS. He told "If The Doctor can be young and strong, then so can I"... young... younger then ever... too much young!!!!

Yana will be a regular character as Simmy, they are going to live together as a family... a very strange family, but hey, this is the Comic Who world!
In the second strip we introduced for the first time alle the companion and we tried to outline the nature of each Doctor (Exterminate! :D)
The last strip  is very important because it was also the first appearence of a new character: Limeykins, the green teddy bear you can se with Simmy! It began as a sort of mistake from Elisa and became suddenly one of our favourite characters! Read The Truth Behind Limeykins to know more about it!

That's all folks! See you tomorrow!

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  1. Hee hee, poor Smithy in the last screwdriver panel ... why are all your drawings so adorable!?


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