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January 2011 - The Beginning

We want to celebrate the new year with you all, but we also want to celebrate the birthday of this blog! On January 14 our web comic will grow older and we want to retrace its first year with our followers! Expect one post every day until the 14th with a little surprise in the end!

As you may know, we're from Italy. Our country is not one of that blessed with real time Doctor Who episodes. From the 2005 to the 2007, a satellite broadcaster translated the first three seasons of the new series, so we had the honour to know Eccleston and Tennant, but then the channel went out of business and the Doctor didn't materialize with his TARDIS anymore in our tellies (well, internet is a big place to find what are you searching for). In the end of 2010, a TV trailer began to be transmitted on one of our national channels (Rai 4): the Doctor was travelling again through time and space with Donna Noble as his new companion... well, the trailer was about series 4, but actually they were planning a full rerun of all the series starting on January 14, 2011 (they broadcasted 5 series and all the Christmas special until 2010 and the sixth series is scheduled to start on January 12). 

This is the story so far of a dream of a couple of whovian who began their journey in the Doctor Who world! This is the story of how Comic Who was born!

Everything started from a joke, we were planning to watch the first episode with Eccleston and we wondered what would happen if the 10th and 11th Doctorwere going to be there with us watching the first adventure of the 9th... my girlfriend, during the day published on her blog the following two strips:

The first strip is about us watching the episode. In the third panel you can find us with our friends and animals (and a Dalek)... the musical notes are actually the original notes of the Doctor Who theme tune. The translation of the last panel is:

"Shhh... He is coming!"
"What do you mean by 'Who'?... The Doctor! Join us"

In the second image we can see the very first appearence of Tenny and Smithy and the translation of the text is:

"Us! We're going to join!"
"There is still room for us?"
"This way please"

When I saw these, I started to think of a thousand of adventure of this tiny Doctors and Elisa loved my ideas, so we decided to open a blog (in English, this time) where to publish our new strips working together as a team! I write the stories and she draw them!
But the first one, which is actually the last part of the previous two strips, was completely her idea and, let me say, it's pure genius:

We decided to schedule a new strip every Monday featuring all the three Doctors as three distinct character named Eccly (9th), Tenny (10th) and Smithy (11th) so, after a few days, we published our very first strip. We wanted it to be very childish, our Doctors are kids, so we wanted to introduce them (at least Smithy) playing a game... a very dangerous game:

It was a great success... well, at that time we didn't expect so many visits, actually we reach that amount of visits every hour, but for an unknown italian couple for the first time in the Doctor Who universe was an amazing moment. We received a lot of comments and a lot of appreciation! And this is what came next:

We introduced for the first time all the three Doctors and we faced our first "problem": the 9th and 10th Doctor shared the same Sonic Screwdriver in the TV series, but we needed to show them with three different Screwdrivers... the idea came from "Silence in the Library" where River Song used to have a different Screwdriver, a red one, so we decided to give it to Tenny and asked our followers to get the reference.

Things were going well for our comic, so we choose to get more into the TV series taking fool of the most tearjerker moments of the story... the moment of the Doctor's regeneration. The next strip I'm going to show you is actually the most loved and the most viewed of our first year:

We also introduced for the first time a companion (Rose), and the TARDIS... our first month ended with a lot of new regular followers and a lot of appreciation comments... we were tiny, but we were growing fast!

See you tomorrow for a new part of our history!


  1. ma su Rai 4 adesso lo stanno facendo Smith..quinta stagione, appena finita..da qui a quando inizieranno i nuovi episodi, saranno al pari..Comunque, buon anno, buon 1 anno e wiiiiiii, continuate così!! :)

  2. i like the little it a cell phone or a tv remote? the original strips.

  3. it's the firts time that i see this blog and i have to say that IT'S AWESOME i love it very much!!lol my favourite character is Tenny!!! but all the characters are SO CUTE!!!!!


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