Monday, 9 January 2012

September 2011

We received a great gift on September. A great friend of us, Chiara Cavalli, created a tiny statue of Rory the Roman upon Elisa's Comic Who design. We were so proud of this wonderful gift we received that we made a complete photo shoot.

It's an amazing piece of art! It's perfect in every angle and we love it! It's actually on my desk and every time I need inspiration I look at it. If you want to see the full gallery of pictures, just hit this link!
I think it's too early to talk about this, but Chiara is working on something new... keep an eye on the blog!

Anyway, the moving is over and it's time to make some new strips! This time the inspiration came from the 2010 Christmas special... we know that the Doctor isn't good with moneys, but maybe the problem isn't with moneys, but with his wallet...

Another good point to join our Facebook page is becase sometimes we involve our followers in the creation process of a script: this time I asked on the page which characters they would like to see in a strip and the  most wanted were River and Jenny. This is what my mind has given birth:

The month is coming to an end, so it's time for a new Comic Who Confidential. This is my favorite one and explain why Russel T Davies chose Daleks and Cyberman to end the second series of Doctor Who. Take a look...

I think there's no need of explanations... see you tomorrow for a new post!

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  1. The one with Jenny and Smithy makes me laugh out loud every time I see it - and that little Roman Rory is too cute! Makes me squee at how cute it is every time I see it :3


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