Wednesday, 11 January 2012

November 2011

It's time for a new contest, a bit different from the last one. We invited people to send us any kind of images about the Comic Who Doctors at Christmas, we received about 40 images and it was very hard to pick up a winner (yep, in the end we chose 5 images).

The participants were great, they sent us strips, pinups and all sort of things. We loved it. But we're going to talk about the results on the next post. Infact we announced the winners on Christmas day (it was a Christmas contest after all).

The awards consist in a group of skatches made by Elisa with watercolors. We have just sent them to the winners and we are planning to publish them on the blog in the near future. We asked them which character is their favorite: two of them asked for a Tenny sketch, while the other three opted for a Smithy's sketch!

Another month, another birthday, this time we celebrated Karen Gillan, best known as Amy Pond. Elisa created one of the sweetest (in every way) illlustration she have ever made for Comic Who. Judge by yourself:

Ok, stop with celebrations, we didn't have much time for strips on November but  the two we published are a great piece of our history. In the first one we also introduced one of the most favourite classic Doctors, we are talking about Bakey (the 4th Doctor). He met one of the greatest character Doctor Who has ever had: Rory The Roman!

It was a lot of time that I wanted to do a strip set near the Pandorica with Rory, and I think we centered the goal right in the middle! Our followers loved the introduction of Bakey, so we chose to make him back in the next set of strips.

For the next strip I just want to copy and paste the introduction I wrote in the relative post because it  perfectly summarizes the meaning of the strip: "The first question. The oldest question in the Universe. The question that must never be answered. Hidden in plain sight. The question you're running from all of your life: Why bananas?"

That's all for this month. Tomorrow we'll se the end of this year with a full set of strips dedicated to Simmy.

See you!

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