Thursday, 12 January 2012

December 2011 - Season Finale

This is the last chapter of our first year of Comic Who, call it the season finale! We chose to dedicate all the strips of this month to one of the most favorite character in 2011, we are talking about Simmy! We published three different stories connected each other which ended with the Christmas Special.

The first one was an old script which gives Elisa inspiration for this image. We sent Simmy back in the past without a TARDIS and without a DeLorean, so he is going to be stuck in the 70s and it's all Yana's fault.

This is a clear reference to Life on Mars... Did I already said we love that series? Well, it's not a secret, John Simm is a great actor and Gene Hunt is a great character!!!!!

Anyway we are now in the 70s, one year after the accident and Simmy is still stuck in the past. But every ages has its own Doctor and in the 1974 a new Doctor came in town with a baby version of himself (sounds familiar?). Welcome back Bakey (the 4th Doctor) with his young child Bakey Jr (the 6th Doctor).

We loved to introduce old Doctors, so we are planning to use them even in the next cute are Bakey Jr and Baby Yana in the last panel?

Anyway, Christmas is coming and Simmy has no friends in the 70s, but as I said it's Christmas time and miracles happen and sometimes even foes become friends. This is our great finale for a great year of strips!

The year is gone, a long and wonderful year, but a lot of new stuffs are coming in this 2012 but before to leave you, I want to show you the images sent by our followers and selected by us as the winners of the Christmas contest. If you want to see them all just hit this link!

Single Panel category:
Johanne (16)
from Norway
Cinzia (26)
from Italy

Multi Panel category:
Justine (18)
from France
Anyssa (14)
from USA 
Nicolas (21)
from Colombia
The countdown is going on! Two days to the Comic Who birthday and we are not short of surprises yet!

See you tomorrow!


  1. N'awww, baby Yana and Bakey Jr are just too cute! I love those comics *squees*

  2. sladkieteplyenochi13 January 2012 at 02:04

    A great end for such a fabulous year.~
    Almost your birhday! Congratulations! ;3

  3. wow, they are so... i can't explain!!!


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