Thursday, 5 January 2012

May 2011 - The First Contest

As you may remember, on March we started our first contest, on May 1st we published the results. Our wonderful jury selected their favorite scripts and you can find the top ten at this link.

It was a difficult choice to pick up the winner because there where a lot of good works! The top three received some of our goods as rewards and the first script was finally realized by our great illustrator Elisa.

But there's more... Infact, the top ten scripts were published on our Facebook page where our followers were able to choose their favorite. The winner was published on our blog with the strip drawn by Elisa. You can download the complete collection of scripts at this link.

Anyway, it's time for a new strip! We scheduled the strips taken from the contest starting from the second week of May, just to give Elisa enough time to realize them. The first strip of the month was originally scheduled as the Easter special, but we decided to postpone it because we wanted to remember Elisabeth Sladen with this strip.
Well, originally I had the idea for a Carnival special but then I realize that Carnival was already over. I was about to discard the idea when I though: 'Hey, they are the Doctors, they have a time machine!' so I just adapted the story to fit into the new time setting:

The Torchwood reference came from the fact they were airing some rerun on satellite TV. Even Limeykins was a late addition to the strip (he didn't exists when I wrote the script) but this was an occasion to point out the fact that he's living with the Doctors and he is afraid of coming back to Simmy's house!
As you can notice the Doctors are dressing like other classic Doctors (8th, 5th and 4th) and even Simmy is dressed like a Doctor (the 6th) while Baby Yana is dressing like a Time Lord. Inside Simmy's house you can see all the companions dressed as other Doctors even if the image is too small to understand it (Rose as the 1st, Amy as the 7th, Donna as the 2nd and Martha as the 3rd).

The next two strips are from the contest winner Jonathan Hodges and the Facebook award winner Faith Marie Vinnicombe.

We loved how they came out and we're just planning a new contest like this one! We hope to have the same success of the 2011's.

May was a month full of surprises, infact we introduced also a new series of strips... a sort of Extra strips... we wanted to do something like the Doctor Who Confidentials... showing a sort of behind the scenes of Comic Who. We named them Comic Who Confidentials and we started with a guest wirter, a freind of us: Michela Magnani.

If you didn't understand, the two guys talking with Sherlock are Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat... Actually there were more things in this months, but we're going to talk about that in a separate post!

See you tomorrow!


  1. May was a good month. :)

  2. Glorious month that was! Sweet little Sherlock and miniMoffat+miniGatiss... it wasn't even my birthday yet, and you gave me such a gift by working with you :) I'll be back, I promise! Can't miss the comicwho birthday!!!


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