Wednesday, 4 January 2012

April 2011

April started with a sort of April's fool! Have you ever had that kind of ideas that you think: Hey, it's the silliest idea ever but it's pure genius! Well, I had that idea!
One of the greatest moments in series 5 it's the Stonehenge speech! I know it by heart! Sometimes I say it out loud, even in public places! But take a moment to think about it, think about every single enemy of the Doctor listening to that words, they know exactly what the Pandorica is an the fact that they aren't there to take control over it! Think about what you would do in their place... I think I would have laughed out loud in Nelson style! If you're a Dalek or a Cyberman or whatever you pretend to be, the Stonehenge speech is one of the funniest moments in your life, so it's perfect to fool!

Look carefully to the first and the third panel, oh yes, that's Limeykins, we're starting to put it here and there like a mascotte! But I'm not talking about it! There's a very special Roman in this strip. I'm talking about Rory, he is my favourite character and we're going to give him more and more importance, starting from the next strip...

This time the idea is from the special Christmas Invasion where a newly regenerated Doctor talk about a big threatening button. The story is all about Amy, she is one of the smartest companion of all times, so we thought she would even fool the Doctor just to borrow the TARDIS (Ok, I know, Borrow and TARDIS are two words that should never be in the same sentence)

Have you noticed the TARDIS in the background? ^_^

During April we also opened a Tumblr account, we started to note we were receiving a lot of visits from that social network, so why not open an official account?  And here we are!

Tumblr is a place where we could share everything we want and reblog what we like... we found pictures of followers, fanart or even simple comments that we simply loved to reblog.

Sometimes we publish pictures or charts or ideas, so, if you like our tiny world and you have a Tumblr account for yourself, don't esitate to follow us! It's like a secondary blog for a little more fun with more than one thousand followers! Instead, if you want a more direct contact with us, don't forget to join our Facebook page!

April 18 is the birthday of David Tennant, formerly known as the 10th Doctor. This year his birthday fell on Monday, so we wanted to celebrate him with a full strip. A sort of Mastercard Commercial with Tenny as the main character and with the guest appearence of all the other Doctors (eleven characters on a single panel... Elisa hated me!!!)

Now the sad stuff! This April we lost a great actress and one of the best companions the Doctor ever had... Elisabet 'Liz' Sladen passed away after a long fight against cancer. She was (and she will ever be) Sarah Jane Smith and we would like to remember her with the following strip:

I don't want to add any word after this strip, so i just invite you to join The Elisabeth Sladen Memorial Page!

See you tomorrow with a new month and, over all, the results of our first contest!


  1. sladkieteplyenochi4 January 2012 at 21:21

    Some really good stuff posted in April. <3 <3
    I still tear up a bit at the Sarah Jane one...

  2. <3 that you are going back and posting all of the posts from last year! Also, that one of Sarah Jane... its one of my favorites and its a beautiful tribute to her.

  3. Wow...I just love Doctor who and this made me laugh so much. I like the big button.


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