Friday, 6 January 2012

June 2011

And here comes the summer! After a lot of new stuff, contests and more, it's time to come back to the origin! A good set of funny strips to welcome the new season!

In the Comic Who universe, the Doctors live in a flat, so I suppose they have to pay for the rent and the bills. They need a job to go on with their life and which better place then the Doctor Who Experience?

For the second time we go into the Comic Who world, this time directly into a strip. Yep, the guy and the girl visiting the Experience are me and Elisa. If you don't remember our first appearence, look at this!

Another way to make moneys is sublet a room and the Doctors carefully chose their new tenants... they wanted someone to help them deal with stress, but things often turn out to backfire. This is a two part story in which we introduce the Adiposes for the first time.

You can see a sort of correspondence between the Adiposes and the Doctors and the blue screwdriver is mended because of this accident! Did you notice the Rose doll? We are going to talk about it in another post ;-)

It's time for a new Comic Who Confidential, this time we're going to interview Eccly behind the scenes asking him a few questions about his life and his friends.

This was a sort of experiment but I think it's been successful and people asked us new interviews, and I think they're coming in 2012.

See you tomorrow!

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