Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Character Files: Eccly

Eccly - The 9th Doctor

Monday, 30 January 2012

Comic Who Confidential - An Ordinary Working Day

It's time for a new Confidential, this time we want to share with you the complex process leading to the creation of a strip from the script. It consists in several important steps and in most cases it can be summarized as follows...

Monday, 23 January 2012

Banana In The Pocket

Strips are back, no more celebrations, just new adventures for our heroes.
This is our first strip of 2012 and it's also a collaboration with one of our followers: Nicole Bowman! If you liked this strip, show her your appreciation and if you have a story you want it to become a Comic Who strip, just send us your script at comicwho@gmail.com We always read every script and if it's good we are going to realize your own strip ;-)

Monday, 16 January 2012

Top 10 - 2011

Our birthday is gone and celebrations are over so it's time to summarize this first year; and what's better then a good old chart with the 2011 top 10 strips to achive this?
This is also a good way to welcome our new followers, but I promise, from the next post we'll going to post new strips ^_^
We are going to use the Blogger stats to get the chart, so we are talking about the most viewed strips (not necessarily the most loved). Let see:

#10 - Bananas Are Good

#9 - Bad Bad Beans

#8 - Timey Wimey

#7 - The Secret Weapon

#6 - Doctor Who Experience

#5 - Regeneration (Part 2)

#4 - Green Light/Red Light (Part 1)

#3 - Green Light/Red Light (Part 2)

#2 - Valentine's Day

#1 - Regeneration (Part 1)

I find very interesting the bottom of the chart where we can find very recent strips, which means they received a lot of views during a short time period.

Which is your Top 10? Share it with us ^_^

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Happy Birthday Comic Who

Here we are, a full year is past and we have had a lot of fun making our strips! We met a lot of friends and we had a lot of loyal followers! We have a new big family here on internet and we want to celebrate our birthday with a little surprise for you all!

This is going to be the front cover (Benny Hill style ^_^) of our first annual book with the collection of our strips, confidentials and much more... but we're going to talk about this in a future post where we are going to share even the back cover with other characters from our first year (we want to include every Comic Who character, but they will be split between front cover and back cover... and trust me, the back cover is going to be very funny :D).

And now it's the moment of thanks! First of all we want to show you a video! It was made by Lady Soliloque a long time ago, but I was waiting for a very special occasion to share it on the blog. Which better occasion of our birthday?

This was one of the greatest gift a Doctor Who comic could receive and we wanted to thank her in our style with a little PinUp of her favorite characters!

From left to right: Jack, Ianto, Gene Genie, Tenny and Simmy
There's another man who gifted us all his support and friendship. A men who made Comic Who one of the most famous Doctor Who web-comic on internet! He was (and I'm sure he will be) always on our side! We really want to give big thank to Craig Hurle, and we know only one way to say "Thank you!"
A great year is finished but a new one is starting and I can assure you it will be great, so please, stay with us and follow our adventures! In the meantime, it's time to celebrate so HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMIC WHO!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Special PinUps

From the beginning of this new year we retrace the history of our comic month by month, but we haven't shown yet all the amazing stuff we created. In this special post I want to show you all the PinUps realized during the 2011. 

Have you ever noticed tha we have different headers on the top of our website? They are loaded randomly and they are composed by a PinUp combined with a catchphrase taken from the TV series:

I'm going to die... in a dungeon... in Cardiff!
I'm definetly a mad man with a box
Things sometimes don't happen to me in the right order, especially weddings!
Do you want me to repeat the question?
One of the best catchphrases in the TV series is "Basically, Run!"; it summarize perfectly the character of the Doctor! Enemies must run away from him, but also companions have a lot of that "run thing" to deal with. We tried to portray this quote with our personal style:

We often use this image as a header for our posts or other stuff. It's basically the same but without the cathphrase and with our logo

When we introduced Limeykins, our tiny mascotte, we designed a new logo to include our lovely green teddy bear.

Apart from the logos and headers, we have made many illustrations during the last year in order to accompany our strips. The next group of PinUps is named Silent Nigths. While Eccly and Tenny are asleep, Smithy is frightened by a Silent perched on a ceiling fan, and he also stole his fez!

This is also the first appearance of the Rose Doll, a lot of people loved the fact that Tenny is holding it while sleeping. We chose to make the doll appear even into a couple of strips (this and this).

Some of the illustrations were made during a LiveStream session where Elisa has shown the making of a particular drawing. The following is a good example of how things go from the scratch.

One of the best illustration made by Elisa was dedicated to a great friend of us: Lady Soliloque.

These are her favourite characters from the Who-verse. To be more precise, we have Jack, Ianto, Tenny and Simmy.

Beside the illustrations and the strips, we promoted some events which required custum images. The followings were realized for our contests (The script contest and the Christmas contest) and for a project we're working on (The Rescue)

This is quite all for this year, but before leaving you, we want to remind you that the big day is arrived. Tomorrow is going to be our first birthday and we are working on something to make this day special. Anyway, just to help get you in the party, this is a special image dedicated to birthdays!

See you tomorrow!

PS: If you didn't notice, all the images are clickable ;-)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

December 2011 - Season Finale

This is the last chapter of our first year of Comic Who, call it the season finale! We chose to dedicate all the strips of this month to one of the most favorite character in 2011, we are talking about Simmy! We published three different stories connected each other which ended with the Christmas Special.

The first one was an old script which gives Elisa inspiration for this image. We sent Simmy back in the past without a TARDIS and without a DeLorean, so he is going to be stuck in the 70s and it's all Yana's fault.

This is a clear reference to Life on Mars... Did I already said we love that series? Well, it's not a secret, John Simm is a great actor and Gene Hunt is a great character!!!!!

Anyway we are now in the 70s, one year after the accident and Simmy is still stuck in the past. But every ages has its own Doctor and in the 1974 a new Doctor came in town with a baby version of himself (sounds familiar?). Welcome back Bakey (the 4th Doctor) with his young child Bakey Jr (the 6th Doctor).

We loved to introduce old Doctors, so we are planning to use them even in the next season...how cute are Bakey Jr and Baby Yana in the last panel?

Anyway, Christmas is coming and Simmy has no friends in the 70s, but as I said it's Christmas time and miracles happen and sometimes even foes become friends. This is our great finale for a great year of strips!

The year is gone, a long and wonderful year, but a lot of new stuffs are coming in this 2012 but before to leave you, I want to show you the images sent by our followers and selected by us as the winners of the Christmas contest. If you want to see them all just hit this link!

Single Panel category:
Johanne (16)
from Norway
Cinzia (26)
from Italy

Multi Panel category:
Justine (18)
from France
Anyssa (14)
from USA 
Nicolas (21)
from Colombia
The countdown is going on! Two days to the Comic Who birthday and we are not short of surprises yet!

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

November 2011

It's time for a new contest, a bit different from the last one. We invited people to send us any kind of images about the Comic Who Doctors at Christmas, we received about 40 images and it was very hard to pick up a winner (yep, in the end we chose 5 images).

The participants were great, they sent us strips, pinups and all sort of things. We loved it. But we're going to talk about the results on the next post. Infact we announced the winners on Christmas day (it was a Christmas contest after all).

The awards consist in a group of skatches made by Elisa with watercolors. We have just sent them to the winners and we are planning to publish them on the blog in the near future. We asked them which character is their favorite: two of them asked for a Tenny sketch, while the other three opted for a Smithy's sketch!

Another month, another birthday, this time we celebrated Karen Gillan, best known as Amy Pond. Elisa created one of the sweetest (in every way) illlustration she have ever made for Comic Who. Judge by yourself:

Ok, stop with celebrations, we didn't have much time for strips on November but  the two we published are a great piece of our history. In the first one we also introduced one of the most favourite classic Doctors, we are talking about Bakey (the 4th Doctor). He met one of the greatest character Doctor Who has ever had: Rory The Roman!

It was a lot of time that I wanted to do a strip set near the Pandorica with Rory, and I think we centered the goal right in the middle! Our followers loved the introduction of Bakey, so we chose to make him back in the next set of strips.

For the next strip I just want to copy and paste the introduction I wrote in the relative post because it  perfectly summarizes the meaning of the strip: "The first question. The oldest question in the Universe. The question that must never be answered. Hidden in plain sight. The question you're running from all of your life: Why bananas?"

That's all for this month. Tomorrow we'll se the end of this year with a full set of strips dedicated to Simmy.

See you!